Powdercoated Cardprotectors

Secrid asked me to investigate powdercoating as an alternative coloring technique for aluminium extrusion profiles used in their cardprotectors. Not only to introduce a new, totally different color and texture palette to the existing anodised aluminium profiles, but mainly to be able to upcycle a significant amount of rejected profiles into their existing assembly lines. A new step in their zero waste policy and for me personally a great motivation to work on this specific project.
Although from earlier investigation confidence was quite low I managed to find the right partners that were able to do the job at the quality level Secrid demands from their suppliers. A small selection from the almost infinite possibilities powdercoating offers was made and hooks/masks were designed in collaboration with the supplier. The laser engraving was adjusted to fit the new coloring layer. Several production tryals proved that powdercoating could be used for large quantities upcycled profiles at high quality on relative short term. The powdercoated cardprotectors were introduced early 2020.