Industrial design was key in this assignment; iOptics was still in a start-up phase, but their first prototype worked properly and promised some unique selling points in an ever growing market of diabetes patients. These patients need to get their eyes checked each year as they have a higher risc for ‘diabetic retinopathy’, an eye disease that causes patients to become blind when it is diagnosed too late. iOptics developed a camera that is able to make video material of the cornea (inside the human eye!), without the use of pupil enlarging drops. This reduces the discomfort of this yearly check for the patient significantly and it makes it possible to diagnose diabetic retinopathy at virtually every corner of the street. The diagnose can be made from a distance through the internet having a specialist look at the video.

iOptics asked me to make the industrial design of the EasyScan generation 1, based on the existing technical prototype. My CAD files were used to make a mockup you see on the pictures. The industrial design was rewarded in 2012 with a GIO acknowledgement, an official acknowledgement for Dutch Industrial Design by Dutch Industrial Designers (GIO stands for ‘Good Industrial Design).