​Fresh Milk

For Bravilor Bonamat BV I joined a small team and developed a fresh milk unit. This device stores fresh milk at lower temperatures, transports, heats and froths fresh milk together with an existing espresso vending machine from Bravilor’s standard assortment. The development was done in such a way that integration with their standard machines was plug and play and difficult product changes or certification was unnecessary.
Next to the selection of several standard off the shelf components I was responsible for the design and engineering of several custom made parts (frother, triple outlet, housing parts etc) and developed the CIP (clean in place) procedure to be able to maintain and clean the device and its components. To do this I initiated and executed intensive bacteriological research.
Fresh milk is nowadays more a necessity than a luxury and very commonly used throughout the entire market. However, for Bravilor Bonamat this device was their very first introduction to fresh milk as an ingredient, what makes me proud to have contributed to this. Even though the technology used in the device is quite conventional.