This small company developed a localisation app for iPhone and Android and asked me to help them with the engineering of a product that would fit this app perfectly. ‘Tool2Find’ is meant to ‘attach’ to your kids, elderly suffering from Alzheimer, your oldtimer car, company cars, pets….making it possible to localize them instantly, up till 1 meter accurate!

The tool has an SOS button in case the user is need of help, it can be charged by USB and it’s waterproof. The industrial design was made by Stefan Blonk, and I was responsible for the engineering of the housings 2K injection moulded parts and the integration of the electronics. The housing exists of two 2K injection molded parts who enclose the electronics water proof and mount them in a shock resistant way without disturbing the GPS signal. The rubber buttons are one with the housing. A ‘bumper’ adds even more shock resistance and makes the tool even more water proof, making the device a real 4×4 under the GPS trackers.     /