Product developer

My name is Lars Dekker, and under the pseudonym Skywalker I work for several known and less known companies. Some of them small start ups, some of them established big companies. Besides my freelance work as a product developer I was founder of EGG BV and Hangloose Company BV.

I’m a product development specialist. For more than 20 years I developed products for all kind of industries. During these 20 years I developed consumer goods, professional products, medical devices, machinery, all kind of packaging, point of sale display material, furniture…Although each project is different, the product development process is very comparable. Summarizing: the product developer searches for the ultimate balance between functionality, costs, looks and production possibilities. I rely on my extensive experience, my creativity, my well-developed skills using 3D CAD (Solidworks) and a big local and international network of suppliers, material experts, rapid prototypers and designers with specialized expertise.

Once I completed my Bachelor Industrial Design I mastered SolidWorks 3D Cad design software and got the chance to develop my skills at Flex / the Innovationlab in Delft. Flex is one of the leading industrial design agencies in the Netherlands where I learnt the profession of industrial designer in all its aspects (see It took seven years to discover that I needed to explore my entrepreneurial ambitions and start my own business, which I started in 2007. Working as a individual design engineer professional gives me the opportunity to coperate with lots of different companies, big and small, while extending my professional network and consistently getting connected with different kind of entrepreneurs.

I got in touch with my present companions at EGG BV of which I became co owner and team member in 2010. Within 1.5 years I transformed the rough idea of a customizable kids helmet into the product it is right know, including all accessories and packaging. EGG is selling in over 25 countries in more than 450 shops and through our own webshop. Please visit for more information about EGG or see the other sections about this subject on this website.

The success of EGG got me in touch with Hangloose Company BV of which I became co owner and team member in 2013. Hangloose Baby focuses on the development, production and distribution of a baby hammock, lounge furniture and fitting accessories. Visit website:

After the succesful introduction of EGG and Hangloose Baby I worked on several product developments on a freelance basis. Most of these products were also succesfuly introduced. Next tot he joy of seeing these products actually being sold world wide I noticed I get a lot of energy when I position myself in a coaching and connecting role in small, multidisciplinary teams as a project- or team lead. I can rely on good communication skills and can be convincing when presenting ideas or progress to stakeholders.

Besides working hard being an entrepreneur I love my wife Kirsten and kids Roxy, Storm and Pip who support me in all I do. Next to my family I try to spend as much time as possible in the North Sea or other, more exotic places, practicing my great passion of surfing. When the kids are in bed and the sun is set I read books. During holidays we explore Europe in our camper van.