A good idea often starts utterly simple. You notice a common ‘problem’, a gap in the market, something a lot of people have to deal with every single day….

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Once the idea has settled, you cannot let it go. You want to transform the idea into a product, you want to see if it works or not and it needs to fit the target group.

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Engineering is about making the design mature and production ready. Through my local and international network I know exactly where to go,

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To get your product sold it needs a thoroughly thought of packaging and good point of sale material to display your goods in a store or a trade show.

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My name is Lars Dekker, and under the pseudonym Skywalker I work for several known and less known companies. Some of them small start ups, some of them established big companies. Besides my freelance work as a product developer I was founder of EGG BV and Hangloose Company BV. I’m a product development specialist. For more than 20 years I developed products for all kind of industries. During these 20 years I developed consumer goods, professional products, medical devices, machinery, all kind of packaging, point of sale display material, furniture…Although each project is different, the product development process is very comparable. Read more

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EGG Helmets

Product development to the max, that is what I would say in short about the roller coaster experience starting up EGG Helmets. The EGG helmet was developed from scratch. With nothing but a cartoon explaining the idea, my general product development knowledge and loads and loads of hard work, it took us 1.5 year to completely develop the helmet itself, the customisation system, the packaging and point of sale display material. Two years after our first visit to ISPO Münich as a visitor we were nominated as one of the best new brands and won ourselves a booth at the brand new exposition.
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